To receive Kik conversations via Quiq your Kik bot must be integrated. This document will guide you through the integration process.

Create a Kik account

To get started, create an account for Kik. You must do this using a mobile device. On your smartphone, download the Kik app through your app store and follow along with their account creation process.

Set up a Kik bot.

On your PC go to https://dev.kik.com/#/home. You will see a Kik bar code. Scan this barcode with your mobile device on the Kik app.

  1. Input and send your bot name. And then confirm.
  2. Click “Yes” to to move on to the next step.

Finish setup on your PC.

Back in your browser, you can now configure your Kik bot.

  1. Read and accept the terms of service, and input your full name and email address.
  2. Click on “Configuration” in the top navigation.
  3. Update your Kik bot’s display name and profile picture to align with your company’s brand.
  4. Copy and paste the API key into your notepad application.

Securely Share Your Information With Quiq.

You will need to work with an employee at Quiq to send your bot’s name and API Key for storage within Quiq’s system. Once the information has been shared, Quiq can integrate with Kik seamlessly.

Test the Bot.

We’re all done! Send a few messages to your Kik bot and ensure that Quiq conversations are created properly.