This article describes the various ways to export data from Quiq.

Web hooks

If you have a public web server, you can utilize our web hooks. Web hooks are a way we can post data to your servers for certain system events. It does require your web server to be accessible to our servers and therefore must be public. All of our traffic is encrypted using HTTPS.

The most common web hook is the conversation closed web hook which is invoked when a conversation is closed. The entire conversation transcript and details are sent to your server in JSON format.

For more information, see our web hook documentation

Amazon Web Services, Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)

If you own an Amazon S3 bucket, we can export conversation data to the bucket when a conversation is closed. You want to be careful not to make the bucket public. We have recommended settings to help with this.

When this is put in place, you can pick up the conversation data, which is in JSON format, on a regular schedule. You can then import the data in to another system to process it further.

Using this approach, you do not need to open a new port in your corporate firewall, which may be preferred by some IT organizations.

CSV exports

As of November 2018, we are starting to make much of the web hook data available via a CSV export. This must be enabled for your site and the first CSV export is Agent Session Metrics. Please contact if you would like this functionality enabled for your site.